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Girls Can Clothing - About Us

It was only after having my second child, a daughter, that I realised just how much gender stereotyping existed in children’s clothing. Almost all high-street clothing was pink, frilly and plastered with statements about being angels or princesses. I’ve never been a fan of pink anyway. So I set out to find cool, fun colourful clothes for my girl.

As she grew I realised she certainly wasn’t a princess anyway. She loves tractors, trains, cars and especially dinosaurs! But it can be quite tricky to find girls clothes with these type of things on.

I’m not trying to make a bold statement, or raise her as a feminist – I just want her to grow up in a world of choice, and where she can have clothes with the pictures of things she loves. Whether that’s birds, cats or tractors.

Girls Can is my hand-curated feed of products I love. I search across the internet to find brands and clothes that try to avoid some of the general stereotypes of what girls should be wearing. There may be some pink, there may be occasional rainbows and unicorns. But no princesses, frills, over-sized bows or statements about being pretty.  All products are for sale via other websites, simply click to buy and you’ll be taken to their website to pay.

I hope I can give you inspiration of beautiful girls clothing, without limits (or frills).

#girlscan wear whatever they want!